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This is one of power point presentation that I made during my clinical internship. I pretty like spending my time in Radiology internship. The schedule is pretty sparse, not really full, crowded, and hectic. So, it’s nice. Although I ended up with B, which I pretty regret, I think I had made a good enough blast by putting interesting materials in my presentation. I think these things I put was not a common things heard around there and I am more than just happy to be able to be different among others. hahahahaha… this is my narcistic personality who talks.

Be free to comment then, link is provided below picture.

Ow.. almost forgot… This is an Indonesian presentation.. I hope this can give a little help to all my friends who currently work in Radiology Department as an intern.


I have been wanting to write this article for a long time. The idea came up when I was in my internal medicine rotation, in one morning, one of my friend Ratna, told us what had happened to her when she did her night shift duty. There was a young patient, probably 16, came with (if I am not mistaken) vomiting symptoms, looking pale and kinda cried a lot. All the family members were there, kinda circling her, some looks worried, some looks bothered. My friend suspected fishy thing had been going, so she told all the family members to wait outside, she closed the curtain, and basically just persuaded her to tell the truth. And there she was telling that she was just committing a suicide, since she fell in love with her boyfriend a lot but her family did not give her any approval since he was actually her cousin (or nephew… kinda confused with this family term vocab).

I am not shocked, indeed when I heard this story I kinda traced back to my own past and how I considered some parts of it were funny, weird, peculiar, extreme, and stuff. Anyway, as I ever mentioned in my previous article, I do believe young mind is a dangerous one. I guess in the end, that is exactly what makes high school kinda semi-jungle environment, where every unexpected thing might happen. Sometimes, if we look again our high school period, we surprised how our friend or maybe ourselves could have done certain things. Sometimes they were good, but if we put a global thought and closure on it, we probably found more bad stuff.

Back to the title… Young mind is a dangerous one…

Young mind is a vulnerable form that opened up access to every entity one could have found in their path of life. It’s vulnerability somehow induce exaggeration to every single thing… not every time, but mostly on every depressed state.  This example I would like to show you on exaggeration somehow match if you watch current issue in Indonesian teenage psychology, the number of suicide somehow raised over the roof (to be honest, I can’t provide you the statistic… So, it might not really that over the roof, but it surely got more media exposure lately).

As I ever mentioned in my previous article titled ‘Hope Kills’, exaggeration in youngsters can be easily exemplified like this: when you have failed your test… you wanna die, when you got bullied… you wanna die, when your spouse break up on you… you wanna die… or for some of tend-to-be-future-psychopath… you want him/her to die.

Young mind can also relate with short vision. They have not seen the world enough, therefore they never think or want to think big enough upon something. This sort of stuff can somehow be found in some of our elderly group.

How we solve this?

First of all I think there are 3 main environments that played important rule in every youngsters life. Friends, Family, and School. I would like to discuss only School. I am not in the mood to write my Family and Friend point of view now. Oh, and some of you might also put religion as a part of environments I am talking here, but I also won’t discuss further about it. I see myself not an expert on stuff like that. I leave this one to any of you, my readers, who like to give a reply on this article.

I am sorry to say this, but I do believe our high school system somehow is at its edge. I personally felt 2 kinds of high school environment. I spent my junior in public school and senior in private school. If I need to compare both, I am really sorry to say, if it is all about self-improvement of the youngsters, I will definitely prefer my private school over my public school. Although, I cannot say I have no complains over my private school life.

I do trust that in order to banish narrow-minded-which-induced-over-exaggeration-of-simple-stuff-in-life, broadening vision and better self-understanding are a MUST.

Of course every teacher in school will need to take a part on this, but I will focus more on Counseling teacher (which we used to call BK or BP in Indonesia). It is actually their main job to boost up confidence of the children and protect them from negative thoughts. A suicide victim, in my perspective, is the biggest failure of counseling teacher.

I remember of my junior and senior high school period, self-understanding or broadening vision were somehow not existed, or if it existed, it was not effective. I and my friends always thought counseling hours as fun hours (it should be) and time to do anything, relaxing, talking, or simply do nothing. That is the wrong part of it.

Counseling hour is supposed to be used as an exploration hours. A time to dig down our personality. This period of time should be used as a way for teachers or students themselves to understand more about themselves. Young mind is a stranger even for its owner. They seems to know what they want and they mostly fight bluntly for this, yet it is sometimes not the best for them, and in the end they ended up regretting. Besides that, it is also a must to provide various views to students on what is in the outside worlds. I think it will really help for youngsters to know that world is a place with unlimited probabilities. If you can dream it, you can reach it. Therefore they will put suicide as a bottom choice to pick or even better… they will delete it forever.

Young mind is a stranger even for its owner

I am not saying this thing will be easy. It will be hard for sure. That is why I also thought a certain charisma is also a must for counseling teacher. Somehow all stuff above need to be given lightly but still effective.

So, what do you think? Got any baggage in high school time you’d like to share?

Wishing ur patient a way out

Posted: October 11, 2010 in the doctor in me

Fly to the lightI recently follow a bedside teaching with a quite young supervisor. He is an internal medicine specialist, sub-specialized in infectious diseases, mainly AIDS. He said something that inspired me to write this.

We were examining patient with CKD (Chronic Kidney Diseases) stage V which already scheduled for a routine Hemodialysis. He opened it by introducing himself and us to the patient. Then he asked permission to perform a physical examination. Then after doing the examination with us, he asked one of us, “have you explained until when this patient need to do a Hemodialysis?”

Everyone stared at each other. It seems like everyone speaks nothing about it. Later on outside the ward, he gave us a short lecture. He explained that good-manner is important when you want to check on your patient. And as a closure, you needed to wish your patient to get better soon. It would boost up their living spirit.

But the case would be different with a patient like this, CKD stage V. We ought to tell him, that he needed to do the Hemodialysis, as long as he wanted to live. He needed to realize that it was the best thing we could provide for him here (according to our health resources). And for the closure, we supposed to say, though your disease was incurable for us, doctors, we wished you a better way out.

“Way out”.

He stated that a way out of a disease was not only being healthy, or cured, or treated. Death was also included. Death can also be a better way out for them, suffering from an incurable chronic illness. As a doctor who always want the best for the patient, I and other doctor friends of mine tend to see a single door as our hope, CURED…

Doctors forget that Death was also a door that available. This option is not supposed to be rejected or neglected. For some patients, it might be better to put it into their consideration. The word “Palliative Care” of course is still not “famous” here in Indonesia. But, doctors, who are of course still a human, need to state over and over again to the patient that some stuff is still out of our control. We are not able to save everyone, and we might never will. We can only promise to do our best.

It is our regret for not able to be perfect in saving all patients. And based on this reason, we always need to wish our patient a better way out….

dedicated to: dr. M, Sp.PD

Thank you for the inspiration today.