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Posted: October 11, 2010 in poems from my past

Help me to count the stars

As i see you in front of those cars

Painted on your face are your scars

Then you locked it all behind your heart-bars

As hope continue to grow

All my body trap in a row

Straight, then hurt by your arrow

Slow, sinking to somewhere low

Done all those duties

Threw it all in rubbish

It will all just finish

Nothing that we will miss

Waiting here, outside for our bus

I wanna tell you, it is all my crush

Trying hard to free from rush

And all that left is us…


When I am down…

Posted: October 11, 2010 in poems from my past

Watching the shooting star fall from the sky

Makes me wonder and keep asking why

Is there any other things that worth to try

Since this world has turned into a bunch of lie


A wish upon the stars

Posted: October 11, 2010 in poems from my past

The stars strumming in the line of destiny

As the wanderer stepped back in the arm of river

Grabbing heart that was not meant to be

In the hug full of love belongs to her

Deny me ou… the stars of daylight

May my tears glowing in the dark

Hidden me outside the moon’s sight

Let this heart die and left it’s mark

Crash and burn me beneath the sun

Let this blood flowing down those swords

Left me no space outside to run

Pull back this soul out of the darkness of words

Please brace some laughs, glee and fun

For this poor young boy lie on the earths board

I made “Poems from my past” category specially for Multatuli. It is my answer to her challenge on how I explore my lost and turn it into art writing…

Well here it is, this category will encompass poems that I made when I was still in Junior and Senior High School… since those times are a period in my past where i consistently writing those kind of arts…

Of course not every poem I made will be put in this blog, since some of my poems are rather ridiculous after I re-read it again now. I will put the best only, according to my own standard and justification…